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Electrical Panel Upgrades

In the last ten years have you purchased a new TV, new kitchen appliance or added or new electrical devices to your home? How about your electrical panel, in the last ten years have you upgraded your panel? If not, than it may be time for an upgrade. Failing to keep your panel maintained and up-to-date can lead to a host of safety issues and can impair the way your electric appliances and devices function.

Todays technology is constantly progressing, which mean with all the new technology come greater electrical demands on your panel. An out dated panel could result in a number of issues for yourself and your home, ranging from overloaded circuits to electrical fires. This can easily be prevented with a new electrical panel.

Signs you may need a new electrical panel:

  • Breakers constantly tripping / Fuses blowing
  • Burnt or melted electrical wires
  • Faulty Breakers (Trouble turning on or off the breakers)
  • Flickering lights
  • Having to unplug an appliance in order to use another
  • Two pronged outlets (ungrounded)
  • Currently using a 60amp panel
  • Signs of wear on the electrical breakers or panels (Rust)
  • Crackling sound or other noises coming from the panel
  • Homeowners insurance requirements

You may find that you are in need of a panel for other reasons besides the classic wear and tear that most people come across,. Whether you’re planning a small renovation, an entire home addition or just looking to get the most out of your current electric appliances and technologies Charge Electric has you covered.

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